Suitable for All Dogs Aged 1+

Deal Score+14
Deal Score+14


Nip your dog’s nerves in the bud with this innovative blend of clinically-proven adaptogens and nootropics that target anxiety at the source. Designed to work within 90-minutes of consumption, Harmony a seamless, scrumptious remedy to your bestie’s blues. Suitable for all dogs aged 1+.


Keep Calm, Happy & Alert.


Moderates stress

Ashwagandha regulates cortisol levels and supports healthy stress responses in the body.

Promotes a state of calm

L-theanine balances brain chemicals so that a non-drowsy state of calm can be achieved.

Alleviates anxiety

Relora alleviates nerves and cuts off anxiety at the source.



Harmony provides a safe

Harmony provides a safe and calming supplement to help your dog enjoy life with less stress and anxiety



Introducing Your Dog’s Forever Food

A delicious and deeply nourishing meal fit for your canine king or queen.


Dogs Are What They Eat.

That’s why our food is made from an all-natural, additive-free blend of proteins, plants and grains.

With over 85% more fresh meat than typical kibble.


Don’t Miss It:


Meal Plans, Made Simple.



Tailor your dog’s plan to their age, breed and health needs.



Delivered to your door (for free!) before you run out.


Fully flexible

Skip, change or cancel your plan anytime.


Healthy Without The Hassle

Cooked low-and-slow to retain all the nutrients, our recipes deliver full-body health benefits you can actually see.

No fridge or prep. Simply scoop and serve straight to their bowl.



Made By Vets. Adored By Dogs.

We’re a team of vets, biochemists and dog lovers hellbent on giving your bud the best possible shot in life.

It’s for this reason we started Front of the Pack.



Get Started With A 50% Off Trial

Zero commitment. Zoomies guaranteed.

Take our 2 minute quiz to discover your dog’s meal plan and start your trial.


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