True 4K Ultra HD Projector 600 ANSI Lumens

True 4K Ultra HD Projector 600 ANSI Lumens
Deal Score+6
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Deal Score+6
USD $499 USD $699 BUY IT NOW

Home appliances with a 100-year legacy of reliability.

Since 1915

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True 4K Ultra HD Projector

Building A TRUE 4k Home Cinema Projector


True 4K Ultra HD Projector


Bettering Your Life, Since 1915


Paris-Rhône In 20’S Century


Paris Rhône Brand Was Established

The Paris-Rhône Industrial Company was created in Villeurbanne, France (Rhône, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes).

The Paris-Rhône Industrial Company


Launched Our First Vacuum Cleaner


Launched Our First Vacuum Cleaner

Aspiron, the sub-brand of Paris Rhône, was created and launched its first vacuum cleaner with the advertising of graffiti design, which was very innovative for the time. The workforce reached 600 people.



Launched Our First Electric Tricycle

The Paris-Rhône VPR, the first electric tricycle developed by Paris Rhône, was launched. It is designed with a very characteristic body and a bench seat for two people. The maximum speed of the VPR was 19 miles per hour and the driving distance was 40 miles. The following year, Paris Rhône launched an updated version called Baby-Rhône II.

Launched Our First Electric Tricycle


Brand Reputation Was Elevated


Brand Reputation Was Elevated

A large building of 5,000 square meters on 2 floors was built for the home appliance sector. The main products include household and industrial vacuum cleaners, polishers, and coffee grinders. With the same grinding system, it brought the same flavor as the classic grinders and became popular among coffee lovers.



Added Kitchen Appliances to Our Production

The Household Appliance Department started producing electric knives under the Paris Rhône brand, and a dishwasher with a limited quantity of 1,000 units.

Launched Our First Electric Tricycle



Continuous Increase in Market Share

The production of stick vacuum cleaners accounted for about 20% of the French market, while canister vacuum cleaners accounted for about 10%. Cooking utensils represented 5 to 10% depending on the type of product.

The production of stick vacuum cleaners accounted


21st Century

Implemented Brand Globalization Strategy

In the 21st century, Paris Rhône began to implement a brand globalization strategy, taking Paris, France as its product design and R&D center, and China as its main production base, and started to sell products both online and offline. After decades of continuous efforts, Paris Rhône has formed a household appliance brand with Europe as the starting point of its brand strategy and North America as the core of its sales.

Nowadays, Paris Rhône products are sold in more than 30 countries in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific, becoming the most potential growth-oriented household appliance brand in the world.

In the future, the Paris Rhône brand, which has a proud Parisian heritage coupled with a century of expertise in pursuing meaningful innovation and industry-leading design, will bring its 3 sub-brands: Evatronic, Aspiron, Sympa to create exceptional smart household appliances that add value to users around the world.


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