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Toy Safety for Kids with Tiny Land

Toy Safety for Kids with Tiny Land
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They Story

They story begins on Neo’s 20th birthday, many years ago. Cherie gifted Neo a handmade Wooden Shop kit as a birthday present. They spent the whole afternoon working on the Wooden Shop kit in the university library. They had to concentrate and use all of their patience and attention to detail. They loved every minute of it. After graduation, Neo worked as a banker, and Cherie worked as a lawyer. They were happy with their lives. But they still had a dream they wanted to bring to life. When Cherie fell pregnant. They decided to create a toy brand as a memorable gift for their beloved daughter who would soon be with them.


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Tiny Land designed every conventional wooden toy for a kid.

Tiny Land came to life in Grandpa’s garage as a way to share their love of traditional wooden toys. With children from all walks of life. They designed every conventional wooden toy for a kid. a wooden play kitchen, a teepee play tent, and a whole host of other creations. Before long, we were getting messages from loving parents. Sho couldn’t believe how their child’s imagination was coming to life. They heard stories about how Tiny Land teepees and our pretend play toys. Were going on adventures and being used night and day; they couldn’t believe it.


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More than ten years later, they’d almost forgotten about the Wooden Shop. One day, their daughters came across it in an old corner of Grandpa’s home. And fell in love with their newfound wooden toy. At that moment, they realized they were creating a business that started many years ago. When they were very young. The sign of the shop — Century-aged Shop — said it all. As the founders of the Tiny Land brand and parents ourselves. They love nothing more than hearing. About how their children’s teepees and wooden toys make little people smile. To them, their products are a way for little people to create their very own. Tiny Land that they can explore, have fun with, and base their adventures around.


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