Truck Package

truck package journey

In accordance with the picture above, we will provide an illustration of what we do if you choose the truck package. Please see the step-by-step description below according to the illustration above.

1. Data Preparation

We prepare product data documents that you send to us to be placed on the main page of our website

2. Product Placement

By adjusting the product data from you, we will place your product in the homepage of our website.

3. Box "Deal of the day"

We also place your product in the “Deal of the day” box located on the sidebar of the homepage of our website.

4. Product Details

Your product placement will also appear on the product detail page as well as the “Deal of the day” box on our sidebar.

Additional Features

5. Facebook Share

facebook share
We will share your product placement page on some of our facebook page network.
What’s on the facebook page:
  • Members of the Facebook page are a mix of countries with more than 3 million members and will continue to grow in the future.
  • Facebook page is a category for selling products and services.
Note: When we promote your product it is shared via facebook page organically. There is still no guarantee that your product will sell quickly. It all depends on the interest of facebook members in your product.

6. High Quality SEO Articles

High Quality SEO Articles
We will write high quality articles about your products on our blog page. If needed we will also provide examples of using your product through video tutorials.
What are the benefits for your product:
  • Positive reviews about your product are very useful as are testimonials about using your product.
  • We will also share this review on some of our facebook networks.

7. Do Follow Backlink

Do Follow Backlink
There are articles about your product on our blog. We will provide do follow backlinks for your website on our blog. This method is allowed by some search engines such as Google & Bing.
The main benefits of backlinks:
  • Automatically you get organic traffic from our website.
  • We have at least 1 million quality backlinks from our website.
  • We will also provide backlinks through our other domains. So that the total backlinks you get can reach 3 million backlinks.

An example of an illustration when your product placement is seen by visitors to our website

website visitor

Website visitors / freepik

desktp view

Desktop View

mobile view

Mobile View

Once you understand what you’re going to get then you’re attracted to this package. Please first make a payment with the Pay Button provided. After that, we will send you an email, the steps for product placement on our website.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


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