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Slumberland Furniture carries all of today’s best futons and mattresses.

Futons were initially designed to maximize living and sleeping spaces. Simply roll them away and start the day. Couch by day, bed by night, futons are perfect for guests and practical for residents who need extra seating.

Today’s futons have taken on a similar function with a futon that sits on a slatted, foldable frame. Over time, these multi-use space savers have only gotten more comfortable and easier to use.

Futons are not only ideal for small spaces, but they are also an economical choice. They are especially suitable for those living in student housing, studio apartments, or with roommates. Save on the cost of the bed, mattress, and couch with an affordable futon mattress and frame.

Many fanatics will tell you that they prefer the comfort of their futon to a traditional mattress. A hand-tufted futon mattress finished with an upholstery-grade fabric on a sleek frame is an understated, clean look that will blend seamlessly with almost any complementary décor.

What Is a Futon?

Most people think of a futon as a Japanese bed used in small apartments, guest rooms, basement rec rooms, and even as extra bedding in living rooms. They began as simple mattresses that could be rolled up and stored during the day and just as easily unrolled at night.

Modern futons have evolved to consist of the futon mattress and a metal or wooden frame. Because they can be quickly converted from a sofa to a bed and back, they maintain their ease of use and flexibility as multifunctional furniture.

Although sofa beds and futons often serve the same purpose, there are some key differences. The mattress of a sleeper sofa is stored under the frame when not in use, and the futon mattress is part of the sofa and merely folds out when needed. Western-style futons frames are not covered in upholstery, while a sleeper sofa is fully upholstered. Check out our sleeper sofas for sale to find out whether a futon or sleeper sofa is best for your home.

Mattress Size for a Futon

Since futons are often used in small apartments, student housing, and as a quick bed for guests, the most common size for a futon mattress is full/double or queen. Compact, space savers when folded up, this size can easily accommodate two people when opened up and used as a bed. Queen-size futon mattresses are gaining popularity due to the extra sleeping space they provide when open and easy functionality when closed.

Full-size: 75”w 54”d 8”h

Queen-size: 80”w 60”d 8”h

Variety and Functionality

The evolution of futons from a simple cotton mattress that rolls out onto the floor to multifunctional furniture suitable for almost any space is complete. With futon mattresses now available in foam and innerspring options, they offer comfort, flexibility, and functionality.

Because you can purchase the mattress and frame separately, you can customize the style and color to your exact specifications. And you can change the color anytime you wish by simply changing the futon mattress cover. Below are different varieties of futons that can add style and functionality to your home.

Bifold Frames

The bifold frame is the most common and popular due to its extreme versatility. With this frame, the futon mattress folds in half the long way. Perfect for use as a sofa and easily converted into a bed, we offer these frames in full and queen sizes.

Armless Frames

If you need a futon mattress that can accommodate someone tall, the armless frame is the way to go. When opened up, this type of frame looks more like a traditional bed and offers more space for taller people or those who move around a lot when they sleep. When closed, it provides a little more seating space than a frame with arms.

Convertible Sofa Futons

These futons are more of a hybrid between futons and sofa beds. With sleek minimalist lines, it can easily fit into modern and transitional spaces. They open easily and convert from a sofa into a futon. Convertible sofa futons have thick poly-wrapped high-resiliency foam cushions for comfort and style. You can find them with or without arms for maximum size.

Convertible Ottoman Futons

Is it an ottoman, a chair, or a bed? How about all three. This multifunctional futon does double duty wherever you put it. It’s ideal for a guest room that doubles as a home office and is perfect as an ottoman in the living room. The large size provides plenty of space to put your feet up after a long day and quickly converts into a comfortable platform sleeper for weekend guests. The foam cushion is super comfortable, and the contemporary style and compact size easily fit into any room.

Futon Mattresses for Sale Near You

Make your guests feel right at home in a cozy bed of their own. Whether it’s the main component of your living room or a smaller seating area you use in a dual-purpose office/guest room, we carry the solution you need to coordinate with the design scheme of any room in your home. At Slumberland, we have options to give you the extra sleeping space you need to make sure all your overnight visitors are comfortable and well-rested.

Stop by and browse our selection today.

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