Document Guide

For a standard product posting on our website we need at least 4 data from you.

  1. Product Title.
  2. Product Image / Banner.
  3. Product Description.
  4. Product Price
    a. If there is a discounted price, add the old price and the new price.
    b. If you have a discount coupon code, enter it here.

Structure Document

An example of the structure of the document you send to us.

1. Product Title:

Underwater Fishing Camera.

We limit the length of sentence titles to 45 characters. If you write more than that. we will cut and edit for standard SEO purposes.

2. Product Image/ Banner:

Underwater Fishing Camera

You can input several images according to your product sales needs.

3. Product Description:

Rexing FC1 Underwater Fishing Camera w/ Winding Spool 720p@30fps HD Video Recording.

  • PORTABLE FISH FINDER – Take their professional, lightweight, Underwater Fishing Camera with you. On the boat, kayak, by the docks. Or on the ice and record live the moment you hook and land that big fish.
  • VIDEO RECORDING & PHOTOS – Not only observe the fish around you through a 160° Wide Angle Lens. But record in HD 720p @ 30fps and take 1280×960.
  • OUR COMMITMENT – ***18 Month Warranty ***

Product description you can write longer than this. The more complete your product description, it’s more better.

4. Product Price:

a. If there is a discounted price

Old Price   : $259.99 USD (before getting discount)
New Price :  $159.99 USD (current price)
  • Our website will automatically calculate the discount is -38%.
  • If there is no discounted price, please write down the current price.
  • Please also include your currency symbol.

b. If you have a discount coupon code


If your product does not have a discount coupon code leave it blank.

We don’t want to bother you at all. For that you can download the Product Placement Form above, so that you can immediately prepare your documents.

After you have finished preparing your data document. Then immediately you can resubmit your data via the Product Placement Form link here .

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