Product Listing Guide

At least we need your product or service data such as:

  1. Product Title.
  2. Product Image / Banner.
  3. Product Description.
  4. Product Price.
Please follow the example below, then change it with your product or service:

1. Product Title:

Natural Weight Loss Bundle

We limit the length of sentence titles to 45 characters. If you write more than that. we will cut and edit for standard SEO purposes.

2. Product Image/ Banner:

natural weight loss bundle

You can input several images according to your product sales needs.

3. Product Description:

Healthy Fat Burner.

Healthy Fat Loss and Weight Control Through a concentrated selection of high-quality nutraceuticals, you can rapidly burn off excess fat and stop the accumulation of new fat.

We need a complete description of your product.
– The number of sentences is at least 500 words and may be more.
– Description can be varied with several pictures.

4. Product Price:

A. If there is a discounted price

Old Price   : $259.99 USD (before getting discount)
New Price :  $159.99 USD (current price)

  • Please write down the old price and the new price. If there is no old and new price, just write the current price.
  • Write down the symbol of the currency you use.

Example: $ for USD and € for EURO

B. If you have a coupon code

#Let us know the coupon code for this product

If your product does not have a coupon code, just leave it blank.

You can download the guidance document with the download button for a product listing on our website.

Please email your product listing to us: Product Listing Email  and we will place it on our website..
You can also directly upload your product listing to our website via the link: Product Listing Form
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