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Cloud Virtual Private Servers

Cloud Virtual Private Servers
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Deal Score+2
$6.00/mo BUY NOW

InterServer Cloud Web Hosting

Many linux (open source) templates available to choose from. They also have windows virtual private servers available here. If you are looking for lots of storage check out large storage optimized VPS.

Cloud Virtual Private Servers
Flexible hosting platform to deploy your online projects.

CentOS deployment with the free Webuzo control panel offering one-click install. Is a popular choice for popular WordPress VPS. When you buy 4 slices or more we include managed support. They support can help you diagnose server issues such as database issues or services that are not running.

They are available 24/7 by phone, live chat, and ticket system. Another popular choice for working professionals is Windows VPS with remote desktop. Login from all over the world and have all your applications always online and running. No matter what your goals are they would be honored to serve you. Don’t forget to backup your work on they Cloud Remote Backup Service for peace of mind that your valuable data will always be there when you need it.

Supported Scripts

Our scripts come with a one-click installation feature that gives you the freedom to create professional level websites without any coding skills.

support script

support script View All ->

Some Good Reasons to Choose Cloud VPS Hosting

A Reliable & Affordable Hosting Option offers one of the most affordable VPS plans. In the market on which you can trust without giving yourself a second thought. With they VPS hosting, you can customize the resources according to your needs.

Access Your Data Anywhere, Anytime

They don’t put any limit when it comes to accessing or updating your data and service. You are free to access your files, folders, databases, and other resources anywhere from around the world whenever you want.

Full Control

You will get full control over your site. You can decide what you want on your Cloud VPS server. They give you root access with they hosting that lets you install the control panel and operating system without taking permission from them.

Lighting Fast Loading Speed

Speed is one of the most basic but powerful features. That you will get instantly with your Cloud VPS hosting package. A fast loading website ensures that your competitors are not able to snatch your potential customers.

Dedicated Resources

To ensure you will get a benefit of every single penny you pay to them. They let you choose and customize resources on VPS cloud, i.e. CPU cores, memory, storage, transfer, etc. You just need to pay for the resources you want to consume.

Self-Healing Hardware

They cloud VPS comes with self-healing hardware. Sounds, odd? Explaination is, say your site is hosted on they USA server. In case there is some glitch on the hardware system. Then instead of affecting your website performance. They A.I. system will detect the problem and automatically redirects it to another node. It all happens with lightning-fast speed.

Better Collaboration

As your website data is stored at one place on the cloud. It will be super-efficient for team members. Located at a different place to access the files and other data to make necessary updates.

Top-notch Security

They use the KVM, Openvz, Virtuozzo and Hyper-v virtualization platforms. Highly regarded and established for best security practices. Virtual Machine containers are secured in a jail environment. Your workload would not be accessible by other virtual servers on the same node.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

You will get a guarantee of 99.9% of uptime guarantee with they VPS hosting service. They cloud VPS infrastructure is empowered. With high-performance SSD storage that ensures flawless performance smoothly.

Remote Backup Service

Add backups of your VPS to keep your data secure with they Remote Backup Service. They pricing model is straightforward and easy to understand without any hidden fees. Best of all they do not charge you for any transfer fees. Incoming and outgoing transfers are included for FREE!


Integrated with the Webuzo control panel. Bread basket scripts help satisfy all your development needs. Developers can enjoy tons of scripts that help ease the management. Blogs, portals, forums, image galleries, e-commerce, etc. Bread basket is capable of deploying PHP, Python, Java, and Perl. To view the full list of developer scripts and tools, follow the bread basket link.


They VPS platform can support multiple database. Types with quick installations using Linux package management Or bread basket. Deploy a MySQL server VPS in minutes. With the ability to make secure remote connections to store and retrieve your organizations’ data. Improve overall performance by offloading your SQL processing to a private environment. Manage your database with PHPMyAdmin. That is available for quick installation with Bread basket. You can also deploy other SQL servers such as SQLITE, MongoDB, MarinaDB, PostgreSQL and many more.

They offer Control Panels

Not a master of the command line interface?. That’s okay because they offer the best control panels out on the market. These tools will allow for you to easily manage and monitor your VPS.

select a control panel

select a control panel

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