Bring Music Into Your World

Bring Music Into Your World
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Music Maker

Make the music you love.

Music making, the easy way. Want to turn your love of music into real songs? MUSIC MAKER lets you build your own tracks and beats in any style or genre. It’s fast. It’s flexible. And it doesn’t take any experience to get you started. In fact, you’ll get amazing results faster than with any other music production software.



Bring music into your world.

“Music is such an important part of my life, and I’ve always wanted to produce my own songs, but never knew how. With Music Maker, I found out it’s not that hard to do at all – and now it’s something I do almost daily. It’s so much fun and helps me unwind in a creative way.” Lia, 24


Top new features at a glance

Beatbox Pro 2 with new features: let it rip!

Beatbox Pro 2 with new features: let it rip!

Beatbox Pro 2 just got even better with fresh sounds and new features. Build banging drum tracks with up to 32 steps and dynamic velocity.

wizardFX Suite: enhance your tracks with 11 magical effect

wizardFX Suite: enhance your tracks with 11 magical effects

Looking for that magic spark? Discover the power of wizardFX Suite, including compressor, gate, reverb, delay and seven other enchanting effects.

The new modernEQ: sonic precision for any mix

The new modernEQ: sonic precision for any mix

Directly change parts of your sound spectrum with modernEQ – and get professional sounding results in no time!


Soundpools: Dive in and get started.

Soundpools are production-ready loops that work perfectly in almost any combination, so your arrangements will sound amazing from the start – no musical theory required! With more than 260,000 loops and samples you’ll be sure to find your style – from rock to pop, from hip hop to techno. Just can’t get enough? Try our all-inclusive Loops Unlimited subscription for endless inspiration.


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Make the music you love


Almost any club hit has a strong beat at its heart. Build a throbbing pattern with the Beatbox and use a few chords to add more groove. Now you’ve set the stage: Drop in some vocals with a little bit of reverb, some synths and dial in effects to your liking – and let the rhythm hit ’em.





Choose a thumping bass line, drop in some drums and a driving guitar riff for the up-beat vibes that will get your head nodding. Now just throw in some backing vocals – and get ready to rock!



Start things off with some piano chords, alongside a drum pattern straight from the Beatbox and a catchy guitar riff. Now just add some vocals with a slight delay effect, strings and a few synths for even more atmosphere. Let’s go and hit the charts!





Looking for that authentic trap sound? Easy: Pick a low, booming bassline, a rap hook and crisp sounding drums with fast-paced hihats. To make things even fatter, use a simple plug-in to apply just the right amount of compression.

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